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Star Checklist

The Mario Marathon team has completed 599 of the 599 levels.

Levels marked with a star are completed!

Super Mario Bros

1World 1Level 1
2Level 2
3Level 3
4Level 4
5World 2Level 1
6Level 2
7Level 3
8Level 4
9World 3Level 1
10Level 2
11Level 3
12Level 4
13World 4Level 1
14Level 2
15Level 3
16Level 4
17World 5Level 1
18Level 2
19Level 3
20Level 4
21World 6Level 1
22Level 2
23Level 3
24Level 4
25World 7Level 1
26Level 2
27Level 3
28Level 4
29World 8Level 1
30Level 2
31Level 3
32Level 4

Super Mario Bros. 2

33World 1Level 1
34Level 2
35Level 3
36World 2Level 1
37Level 2
38Level 3
39World 3Level 1
40Level 2
41Level 3
42World 4Level 1
43Level 2
44Level 3
45World 5Level 1
46Level 2
47Level 3
48World 6Level 1
49Level 2
50Level 3
51World 7Level 1
52Level 2

Super Mario Bros 3.

53World 1Level 1
54Level 2
55Level 3
56Level 4
58Level 5
59Level 6
60Larry's Airship
61World 2Level 1
62Level 2
64Level 3
66Level 4
67Level 5
69Morton Koopa Jr.'s Airship
70World 3Level 1
71Level 2
72Level 3
73Fortress 1
74Level 4
75Level 5
76Level 6
77Level 7
78Level 8
79Fortress 2
80Level 9
81Wendy O' Koopa's Airship
82World 4Level 1
83Level 2
84Level 3
85Fortress 1
86Level 4
87Level 5
88Level 6
89Fortress 2
90Iggy Koopa's Airship
91World 5Level 1
92Level 2
93Fortress 1
94Level 3
95The Tower
96Level 4
97Level 5
98Level 6
99Level 7
100Fortress 2
101Level 8
102Level 9
103Roy Koopa's Airship
104World 6Level 1
105Level 2
106Level 3
107Fortress #1
108Level 4
109Level 5
110Level 6
111Level 7
112Fortress #2
113Level 8
114Level 9
115Level 10
116Fortress #3
117Lemmy Koopa's Airship
118World 7Level 1
119Level 2
120Level 3
121Level 4
122Level 5
123Pirahna Scene #1
124Fortress #1
125Level 6
126Level 7
127Level 8
128Level 9
129Fortress #2
130Pirahna Scene #2
131Ludwig Von Koopa's Airship
132World 8Koopa Tank Brigade #1
133Koopa Navy
134Hand #1
135Hand #2
136Hand #3
137Koopa Air Force
138Level 1
139Level 2
140Fortress #1
141Tank Brigade #2
142Bowser's Castle

Super Mario World

143Yoshi's IslandLevel 1
144Level 2
145Level 3
146Level 4
147Yellow Switch
148Iggy's Castle
149Donut PlainsLevel 1
150Level 1 - Secret Goal
151Level 2
152Level 2 - Secret Goal
153Green Switch
154Ghost House 1
155Ghost House 1 - Secret Goal
156Level 3
157Level 4
158Secret 1
159Secret 1 - Secret Goal
160Ghost House 2
161Ghost House 2 - Secret Goal
162Secret 2
163Morton's Castle
164Vanilla DomeLevel 1
165Level 1 - Secret Goal
166Level 2
167Level 2 - Secret Goal
168Red Switch
169Ghost House
170Level 3
171Level 4
172Secret 1
173Secret 1 - Secret Goal
174Secret 2
175Secret 3
177Lemmy's Castle
178Bridge AreaCheese Bridge
179Cheese Bridge -Secret Goal
180Soda Lake
181Cookie Mountain
182Butter Bridge 1
183Butter Bridge 2
184Ludwig's Castle
185Forest of IllusionsLevel 1
186Level 1 - Secret Goal
187Level 2
188Level 2 - Secret Goal
189Level 3
190Level 3 - Secret Goal
191Level 4
192Level 4 - Secret Goal
193Blue Switch
194Ghost House
195Ghost House - Secret Goal
196Secret 1
198Roy's Castle
199Chocolate IslandLevel 1
200Ghost House
201Level 2
202Level 2 - Secret Goal
203Level 3
204Level 3 - Secret Goal
206Level 4
207Level 5
208Secret 1
209Wendy's Castle
210Ghost Ship
211Valley of BowserLevel 1
212Level 2
213Level 2 - Secret Goal
214Ghost House
215Ghost House - Secret Goal
216Level 3
217Level 4
218Level 4 - Secret Goal
220Larry's Castle
221End of Game
222Star RoadLevel 1
223Level 1 - Secret Goal
224Level 2
225Level 2 - Secret Goal
226Level 3
227Level 3 - Secret Goal
228Level 4
229Level 4 - Secret Goal
230Level 5
231Level 5 - Secret Goal
232Special ZoneGnarly
234Way Cool

Mario 64

240Bomb-omb BattlefieldBig Bomb-omb on the Summit
241Footrace with Koopa the Quick
242Shoot to the Island in the Sky
243Find the 8 Red Coins
244Mario Wings to the Sky
245Behind Chomp's Gate
246One Hundred Coins!
247Whomp's FortressChip Off Whomp's Block
248To the Top of the Fortress
249Shoot Into the Wild Blue
250Red Coins on the Floating Isle
251Fall Onto the Caged Island
252Blast Away the Wall
253One Hundred Coins!
254Jolly Roger BayPlunder in the Sunken Ship
255Can the Eel Come out to Play?
256Treasure of the Ocean Cave
257Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
258Blast to the Stone Pillar
259Through the Jet Stream
260One Hundred Coins!
261Cool, Cool, MountainSlip Slidin' Away
262Li'l Penguin Lost
263Big Penguin Race
264Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
265Snowman's Lost his Head
266Wall Kicks Will Work
267One Hundred Coins!
268Big Boo's Haunt Go on A Ghost Hunt
269Ride Big Boo's Merry-go-Round
270Secret of the Haunted Books
271Seek the 8 Red Coins
272Big Boo's Balcony
273Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
274One Hundred Coins!
275Hazy Maze Cave Swimming Beast in the Cavern
276Elevate for 8 Red Coins
277Metal Head Mario Can Move!
278Navigating the Toxic Maze
279A-maze-ing Emergency Exit
280Watch for Falling Rocks
281One Hundred Coins!
282Lethal Lava LandBoil the Big Bully
283Bully the Bullies
2848-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces
285Red-Hot Log Rolling
286Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano
287Elevator Tour in the Volcano
288One Hundred Coins!
289Shifting Sand LandIn the Talons of the Big Bird
290Shining Atop the Pyramid
291Inside the Ancient Pyramid
292Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
293Free Flying for 8 Red Coins
294Pyramid Puzzle
295One Hundred Coins!
296Dire, Dire DocksBoard Bowser's Sub
297Chests in the Current
298Pole-Jumping for Red Coins
299Through the Jet Stream
300The Manta Ray's Reward
301Collect the Caps
302One Hundred Coins!
303Snowman's LandSnowman's Big Head
304Chill With the Bully
305In the Deep Freeze
306Whirl From the Freezing Pond
307Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins
308Into the Igloo
309One Hundred Coins!
310Wet-Dry WorldShocking Arrow Lifts
311Top o' the Town
312Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
313Express Elevator--Hurry Up
314Go to Town for Red Coins
315Quick Race Through Downtown
316One Hundred Coins!
317Tall, Tall MountainScale the Mountain
318Mystery of the Monkey Cage
319Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
320Mysterious Mountainside
321Breathtaking View From Bridge
322Blast to the Lonely Mushroom
323One Hundred Coins!
324Tiny-Huge Island Pluck the Piranha Flower
325The Tip Top of the Huge Island
326Rematch With Koopa the Quick
327Five Itty Bitty Secrets
328Wiggler's Red Coins
329Make Wiggler Squim
330One Hundred Coins!
331Tick Tock ClockRoll Into the Cage
332The Pit and the Pendulum
333Get a Hand
334Stomp on a Thwomp
335Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
336Stop Time for Red Coins
337One Hundred Coins!
338Rainbow RideCruiser Crossing the Rainbow
339The Big House in the Sky
340Coins Amassed in a Maze
341Swingin' in the Breeze
342Tricky Triangles!
343Somewhere Over the Rainbow
344One Hundred Coins!
345Tower of the Wing Cap8 Red Coins
346Cavern of the Metal Cap8 Red Coins
347Vanish Cap Under the Moat8 Red Coins
348The Princess's Secret SlideSlide!
349Slide in under 21 seconds!
350The Secret Aquarium8 Red Coins
351Wing Over the Rainbow8 Red Coins
352The BunnyCatch the Bunny
353Catch the Bunny Again
354ToadFind Toad
355Find Toad Again
356Find Toad A Third Time
357BowserBowser in the Dark World
358Bowser in the Fire Sea
359Bowser in the Sky

Mario Sunshine

360Delfino AirstripDefeat Piranha Plant
361Red Coin Challenge
362Bianco HillsRoad to the Big Windmill
363Down with Petey Piranha!
364The Hillside Cave Secret
365Read Coins of Windmill Village
366Petey Piranha Strikes Back
367The Secret of the Dirty Lake
368Shadow Mario on the Loose
369The Red Coins of the Lake
370Hillside Cave Secret - Red Coin Challenge
371Dirty Lake Secret - Red Coin Challenge
372Collect 100 Coins
37310 Blue Coins
37410 Blue Coins
37510 Blue Coins
376Ricco HarborGooper Blooper Breaks Out
377Blooper Surfing Safari
378The Caged Shine Sprite
379The Secret of Ricco Tower
380Gooper Blooper Returns
381Red Coins on the Water
382Shadow Mario Revisited
383Yoshi's Fruit Adventure
384Blooper Surfing Safari (Under 40 Seconds)
385Ricco Tower Secret - Red Coin Challenge
386Collect 100 Coins
38710 Blue Coins
38810 Blue Coins
38910 Blue Coins
390Gelato BeachDune Bud Sand Castle Secret
391Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
392Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!
393The Sand Bird is Born
394Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint
395Red Coins in the Coral Reef
396It's Shadow Mario! After Him!
397The Watermelon Festival
398Hidden Shine picture under a sand bud
399Sand Castle Secret - Red Coin Challenge
400Collect 100 Coins
40110 Blue Coins
40210 Blue Coins
40310 Blue Coins
404Pinna ParkMecha-Bowser Appears!
405The Beach Cannon's Secret
406Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
407The Wilted Sunflowers
408The Runaway Ferris Wheel
409The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
410Shadow Mario in the Park
411Roller Coaster Balloons
412Beach Cannon's Secret - Red Coin Challenge
413Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret - Red Coin Challenge
414Collect 100 Coins
41510 Blue Coins
41610 Blue Coins
41710 Blue Coins
418Sirena BeachThe Manta Storm
419The Hotel Lobby's Secret
420Mysterious Hotel Delfino
421The Secret of Casino Delfino
422King Boo Down Below
423Scrubbing Sirena Beach
424Shadow Mario Checks In
425Red Coins in the Hotel
426Hotel Lobby's Secret - Red Coin Challenge
427Casino Delfino's Secret - Red Coin Challenge
428Collect 100 Coins
42910 Blue Coins
43010 Blue Coins
43110 Blue Coins
432Noki BayUncork the Waterfall
433The Boss of Tricky Ruins
434Red Coins in a Bottle
435Eely-Mouth's Dentist
436Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim
437The Shell's Secret
438Hold It, Shadow Mario!
439The Red Coin Fish
440Spray the gold bird on the northwestern cliff
441The Shell's Secret - Red Coin Challenge
442Collect 100 Coins
44310 Blue Coins
44410 Blue Coins
44510 Blue Coins
446Pianta VillageChain Chomplets Unchained
447Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
448The Goopy Inferno
449Chain Chomp's Bath
450Secret of the Village Underside
451Piantas in Need
452Shadow Mario Runs Wild
453Fluff Festival Coin Hunt
454Rocket to top of center tree & spray sun
455Village Underside Secret - Red Coin Challenge
456Collect 100 Coins
45710 Blue Coins
45810 Blue Coins
45910 Blue Coins
460Mount Corona10 Blue Coins
461Delfino Plaza10 Blue Coins
46210 Blue Coins
463Northeast Beach Pipe Course
464Clean the Southwest Belltower
465Northeast Beach Spray Sand
466Box Game
467Box Game 2
468Toss Mario Into Shine Room
469Jump off the Boat Under the Bridge
470Collect 100 Coins
471Spray the Golend Bird 3 times
472Ride Yoshi to Secret Pipe
473Blast Past the Doormen
474Blast through the Doors
475Clean the Giant Shine
476Northwest Cave 8 Red Coins
477Break the Top of the Lighthouse
478Clean the Bell
479Beat game after Corona Mountain

Mario Galaxy

480Gateway GalaxyFirst Star
481Red Star Mission
482Good Egg GalaxyDino Piranha
483A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
484King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
485Dino Piranha Speed Run
486Luigi On The Roof
487Purple Coin Challenge
488Honeyhive GalaxyBee Mario Takes Flight
489Trouble On The Tower
490Big Bad Bugaboom
491Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race
492Luigi In The Honeyhive Kingdom
493Purple Coin Challenge
494Loopdeloop GalaxySurfing 101
495Flipswitch GalaxyPainting The Planet Yellow
496Bowser Jr.'s Robot ReactorMegaleg's Moon
497Space Junk GalaxyPull Star Path
498Kamella's Airship Attack
499Tarantox's Tangled Web
500Pull Star Path Speed Run
501Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance
502Purple Coin Challenge
503Battlerock GalaxyBattlerock Barrage
504Breaking Into Battlerock
505Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe
506Topmaniac's Daredevil Run
507Battlerock's Garbage Dump
508Luigi And The Disc
509Purple Coin Challenge
510Rolling Green GalaxyRoll Through The Clouds
511Hurry-Scurry GalaxyShrinking Satellite
512Bowser's Star ReactorThe Fiery Stronghold
513Beach Bowl GalaxySunken Treasure
514Passing The Swim Test
515The Secret Undersea Cavern
516Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
517Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls
518Purple Coin Challenge
519Ghostly GalaxyLuigi and the Haunted Mansion
520A Very Spooky Sprint
521Beware of Bouldergeist
522Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run
523Matter Splatter Mansion
524Purple Coin Challenge
525Bubble Blast GalaxyThrough the Poison Swamp
526Bouy Base GalaxyThe Floating Fortress
527The Secret of Bouy Base
528Bowser Jr.'s Airship ArmadaSinking The Airships
529Gusty Garden GalaxyBunnies In The Wind
530Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows
531Gusty Garden Gravity Scramble
532Major Burrows Daredevil Run
533The Golden Chomp
534Purple Coin Challenge
535Freezeflame GalaxyThe Frozen Peak of Baron Brr
536Freezeflame's Blistering Core
537Hot And Cold Collide
538Frosty Cosmic Mario Race
539Conquering The Summit
540Purple Coin Challenge
541Dusty Dune GalaxySoaring On The Desert Winds
542Blasting Through The Sand
543Sandbaked Sand Castle
544Sand Blast Speed Run
545Bullet Bill On Your Back
546Treasure Of The Pyramid
547Purple Coin Challenge
548Honeyclimb GalaxyScaling the Sticky Wall
549Bowser's Dark Matter ReactorDarkness On The Horizon
550Gold Leaf GalaxyStar Bunnies On The Hunt
551Cataquack To The Skies
552When It Rains, It Pours
553Cosmic Mario Forest Race
554The Bell On The Big Tree
555Purple Coin Challenge
556Sea Slide GalaxyGoing After Guppy
557Faster Than A Speeding Penguin
558The Silver Stars of Sea Slide
559Underwater Cosmic Mario Race
560Hurry, He's Hungry
561Purple Coin Challenge
562Toy Time GalaxyHeavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
563Mario Meets Mario
564Bouncing Down Cake Lane
565Fast Foes Of Toy Time
566The Flipswitch Chain
567Purple Coin Challenge
568Bonefin GalaxyKingfin's Fearsome Waters
569Bowser Jr.'s Lava ReactorKing Kaliente's Spicy Return
570Deep Dark GalaxyThe Underground Ghost Ship
571Bubble Blastoff
572Guppy and the Underground Lake
573Daredevil Run To The Ghost Ship
574Boo In A Box
575Purple Coin Challenge
576Dreadnought GalaxyInfiltrating The Dreadnought
577Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons
578Revenge of the Topman Tribe
579Topman Tribe Speed Run
580Dreadnought's Ammo Depot
581Purple Coin Challenge
582Melty Molten GalaxySinking Lava Spire
583Through The Meteor Storm
584Fiery Dino Piranha
585Lava Spire Daredevil Run
586Burning Tide
587Purple Coin Challenge
588Matter Splatter GalaxyWatch Your Step
589Bowser's Galaxy ReactorThe End Of The Game!
590Terrace ObservatorySweet Sweet Galaxy
591Fountain ObservatorySling Pod Galaxy
592Kitchen ObservatoryDrip Drop Galaxy
593Bedroom ObservatoryBigmouth Galaxy
594Engine RoomSand Spiral Galaxy
595GateBoo's Boneyard Galaxy
596Garden ObservatorySnow Cap Galaxy
597Trial GalaxiesBubble Blast Galaxy
598Loopdeeswoop Galaxy
599Rolling Gizmo Galaxy